How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight?

Weight loss is a common goal among people these days. Whether you want to attend a family function or lose weight for health issues, it is a dream for most to lose weight fast. Your body weight determines the number of parameters related to your health. People may consider that being overweight is equal to being prone to health issues. However, this is not completely true. Losing weight can be a plus point if you have heart or gut problems.

Weight loss can become frustrating if you want quick results with bare effort. Generally, how long it takes for you to lose weight is dependent upon the goal and strategy. Therefore, it is better to set realistic expectations. Healthy and sustainable weight loss is an important point to consider while adopting different measures.

Factors Affecting Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t the same for all. It differs from one individual to the other. That’s relevant because of the following factors.

  • Gender
    The ratio of your fat and muscle amount highly interferes with your weight loss journey. Experts believe that women tend to burn fewer calories in comparison with men. Where it makes sense that men may lose weight faster, there is evidence to show which category can maintain it better for a long time.
  • Age
    Weight loss is a product of a variety of measures. With age, your body goes through many changes that may hamper your body's functioning. Fast responses to weight loss generally occur at a certain age. When your fat mass increases and the mass of muscles deplete, your body tends to drive a lower response to physical activity.
  • Sleep
    If you think sleeping more can cause weight gain, sleeping less for a long time can lead to even worse effects. Your sleep cycle determines how fast you may achieve your goals. Sleep-deprived nights can result in munching unhealthy foods like cookies, chips, jaggery, etc. Moreover, chronic insomnia can worsen your condition if you have diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.
  • Medical conditions
    Diseases like hypothyroidism and diabetes can prevent weight loss in some individuals. In fact, taking certain medications during a keto diet may lead to complications. Family history of disorders and inherited genes can also contribute to making it a bit difficult for you.

Adopting a Keto Diet Plan

A keto diet is considered an effective way to lose weight. It usually comprises a meal plan with fewer carbohydrates and more fats. Some people take up healthy proteins too along with high-fat foods. Alongside this, taking a keto supplement may be a preferable choice. These days, plant-based keto capsules are also available in the market to benefit vegan individuals.

 Thus, your weight loss journey depends upon the consistency and measures you choose. You go for a keto diet or do excessive workouts to burn fats or make some other choice! It completely depends upon how your body adopts and agrees to the changes.