Company Overview:


Fitspire, founded in 2020 by visionary IIM Lucknow alumni Vipen Jain, with accomplished co-founders Nidhi Jain and Hinah Sawhney, represents the pinnacle of wellness innovation. Operated by Delhi-based StarCap Wellness Pvt. Ltd., Fitspire has garnered significant attention, securing pre-seed funding from esteemed Angel Investors.


Visionary Goals:


At Fitspire, our vision transcends just fitness aspirations; we aim to ignite a nationwide movement towards holistic well-being. Through our range of meticulously crafted, 100% vegan, plant-based, nutrient-dense products, we strive to captivate the senses while fueling individuals' pursuit of optimal health and vitality.


Our mission is to inspire people of all generations to believe in their health and fitness aspirations and provide them with the tools to actualize their goals. We firmly believe that the right nutritional profile has the transformative power to enhance one's life, fostering accomplishment, equilibrium, and nourishment, all within a sustainable framework.


Leading the Vegan Revolution:


Fitspire is dedicated to positioning itself as India's leading brand in vegan health and wellness. We offer consumers the most cutting-edge, ultra-pure, and high-quality vegan products available.


Through our #GoVeganWithFitspire initiative, we actively champion the importance of embracing veganism. We firmly uphold that effecting positive change within a country or environment is of more importance than only sales growth.


By addressing the issue of limited knowledge surrounding veganism, we are committed to developing vegan alternatives that meet the urgent demand for sustainable solutions.


Our Diverse Product Range:


Fitspire boasts an extensive product portfolio catering to individuals across all stages of life, encompassing various segments -


  • Healthy Snacking


  • Vegan Nutrition


  • Energy & Fitness


  • Kids Wellness


Commitment to Authenticity:


To ensure uncompromising quality and consumer trust, Fitspire exclusively offers products certified by internationally recognized organizations.

Our ISO certification, along with approvals from the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), testify to our unwavering commitment to adhering to the highest standards of excellence.



Remarkable Achievements:


Fitspire has consistently demonstrated its excellence and garnered widespread acclaim, securing exceptional ratings of 4.7 out of 5 on prominent e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and JioMart.


Notably, we were honored as the Emerging Brand of the Year on Amazon as well as with accolades such as the Global Visionary Award 2020, Haryana Garima Award 2020, International Men Pride Award 2021, and the Most Trusted Health Brand of the Year 2022.



Promoting Veganism for a Healthier Tomorrow:


Fitspire stands as a beacon, advocating veganism for a vibrant and wholesome lifestyle.


We firmly believe that building a healthy nation begins within each individual family unit.


Unlike conventional health and wellness enterprises driven solely by commercial objectives, Fitspire was born with a profound purpose.


We address the pressing need for delectable, pure, and plant-based supplements that cater to individuals of all age groups and segments, ultimately championing the cause of improved well-being for all.