Can Women Take BCAA Supplements?

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of 3 essential amino acids namely leucine, valine, and isoleucine. They are commonly used by bodybuilders and fitness freaks for muscle recovery.

To know what BCAAs actually do to your body, it’s important to understand what amino acids are. Amino acids are complex compounds that help form proteins. And, proteins are essential for the muscle-building process in the body. BCAAs work in the following three ways:

  • Growth and fuel
  • Regeneration and resilience
  • Growth and repair

Fitness experts believe that BCAAs are one of the best supplements for women who have an active lifestyle. Because they support the metabolic processes involved in beating your fitness goals.

Taking such a supplement regularly can help in decreasing muscle loss during strenuous activities. BCAA for women can further help in accelerating muscle recovery.

Benefits of BCAA in Women

Women, obviously, can take BCAA products in different forms. Nutritionists recommend 24mg of valine, 19 mg of isoleucine, and 42 mg of leucine daily per 2.2 pounds of body weight. If you engage in a variety of intensive activities, your body may require regular consumption of branched-chain amino acids.

Prevent Muscle Destruction

During regular gym sessions, fitness freaks may face issues like muscle destruction. This breakdown may surpass the growth. BCAAs thus help in decreasing this by enhancing new muscle build-up.

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

People who have protein deficiency or think they don’t get enough protein may need the best BCAA supplement to increase lean muscle growth. Such products help in increasing muscle protein synthesis. They help nourish your muscles and make them stronger.

Assist with Weight Loss

Your body’s composition is dependent upon the energy consumed. Also, the source of this energy also contributes to weight management. If you are taking a low-quality BCAA, it may adversely affect your body weight. The best BCAA is the one that contains only natural ingredients and good content of amino acids.

Boost Strength

Women who go through vigorous gym sessions may get stamina and strength via supplements like BCAA and protein powder. They improve the time-trial performance which means you may lose less energy while exercising.

Side Effects of BCAA in Women

Currently, there is no clear evidence to show the 100% true side effect of BCAA in women. Just like any other supplement, it may interfere with a number of mechanisms in the body.

  • It might interfere with sleep.
  • It might influence the concentration of blood glucose.
  • It might cause effects like fatigue and vomiting.
  • It might lead to a loss of concentration.

If you are confused about the consumption of such supplements, make sure to contact a health professional.