Proper diet is crucial in prevention of several diseases and for optimal well-being, sleep, energy, looks, mood, brain health and lots more. There is more to a “proper diet” than just eating what you think as a “balanced meal”.  An ideal diet is one of the keys to a strong immune system.
Cancer, disease, Brain Health, Alzheimer’s and other “free-radical-dependent “diseases are immune mediated disease which is are pretty much preventable with things which are under different rules of well-functioning immune system.

Having adequate GI health track determines everything from body weight, immune system to your brain health. What you weigh and what you look like is largely based on the health of your immune system. If you get your immune system functioning well you are on the way to a healthy life. The function and basic strength of your immune system differ with age. As we age, our bodies gradually reduces the production of critical amino acids—the essential proteins needed for energy, immune function, and for a fit body


A non-optimized immune system puts you at a risk to attract cough, cold, fever and flu. Though there is not a big deal in treating them but if you attract severe diseases such as cancer or brain tumor, then it’s a big deal to tackle upon.

Many people think cancer is something you just catch randomly or it is your “bad luck” or hereditary and if so, you can do nothing about it. WRONG!!!!

A strong immune system guards against diseases such as fever, cancer, brain tumor or many more whereas as a weakening of any part of it complexes its defense system makes the body susceptible to illness.  Heavy exercise, a busy lifestyle, stress and aging all without good nutritional support are known to compromising with immune function.

Here Protein plays an important role in all aspects of the immune system. Immunity is basically made up of proteins and a good source of amino acids in the diet is always essential.

However Whey Protein has been shown to provide benefits in boosting up the immunity that are above from the supply of the essential amino acids. Several Studies have shown that Whey Protein enhances glutathione (GSH) in various tissues of our body which in turn maintains the muscle glutamine reservoir. GSH is the key element of the body’s cellular antioxidant defense system and regulates the function of immune function. Hence, consider as a fuel of the immune system.

Fitspire 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein and Plant Protein with its clean flavour and solubility over a wide pH range makes it the standard choice for food manufacturers. Together with the excellent amino acid profile, high bioavailability, antioxidants and immune enhancing properties this is the protein of choice for this entire universe.

Health benefits of Protein as a supplement

Protein as a supplement has undergone extensive study, revealing an impressive array of benefits:

  • Being a high-quality, easily digestible, supplementation on protein is an ideal complement to strength training  promoting strength, muscle growth and human growth hormone production (HGH).
  • Studies show protein consumption may also support normal blood sugar levels, boost insulin sensitivity in those with Type 2 Diabetes, lower blood pressure, boost not just the immune system but glutathione levels too, reduce inflammation, treat IBS, normalize weight.
  • Protein is not only very filling, thereby reducing hunger pangs but it also boosts metabolism allowing you to burn more calories

And again, Supplementation on protein is  #the_BEST _of_ all _protein_ sources.