Gold Advanced Isolate Whey Protein (24 Gm Protein Per Serving) Coffee & Cookie-Cream

Gold Isolate Whey Protein Powder has 24gm of Protein, 4.3gm of BCAAs, 3.3gm of L-glutamine, and DigeZyme.
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Product Manufacturing Year: 2023
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Fitspire 100% Gold Advanced Isolate Whey Protein is designed to give you a perfect blend of essential nutrients for muscle gain and bodybuilding. It is made up of essential amino acids for muscle support. Also, it can help in the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis. It offers 24g protein, 4.3g BCAAs, and 3.3g L-glutamic acid per serving.


The added DigeZyme helps to easy digestion due to fast absorption. Moreover, Whey protein isolate is beneficial for:

  • Strong muscle building
  • Helping skin heal quickly
  • Enable sustainable weight gain
  • Improve the quality of muscle gain
  • Strengthen tissue repair

 Whey protein isolate also contains certain non-essential amino acids including

  • L-glutamic acid
  • L-proline
  • L-serine
  • Glycine


Ingredient-specific Benefits

  • Whey protein
    It is an essential ingredient for bodybuilding and muscle gain. Fitness enthusiasts and experts preferably choose isolated whey protein to fulfill their daily protein requirements. It helps in supporting the muscle gain when taken as a post-workout drink.
  • BCAAs
    Branched-chain amino acids present in protein powder help in increasing strength and repairing muscles after a workout. They are also required to decrease the duration of muscle recovery and enhance stamina.
  • L-Glutamic Acid
    It is also a type of amino acid. L-glutamic acid helps form protein and stimulates muscle protein synthesis. During every strenuous physical activity, glutamine depletes. This may increase the chance of muscle injury. To avoid the same, L-glutamic acid is present in this protein powder.
  • DigeZyme
    Digestive enzymes are a part of most health supplements. This is because digezyme helps in maintaining healthy digestion. They regulate your gut health and enable fast absorption of protein.



With the goodness of whey isolate protein powder, it comes in two exclusive flavors:

  • Coffee flavor
  • Cookie and cream flavor
        Muscle Gain
        When taken with a regular workout, isolate whey protein powder helps enhance muscle gain. It is an important protein supplement for bodybuilders. Since it is a rich source of protein and amino acids, It is also essential for the fast muscle recovery .

        Muscle Protein Synthesis
        This protein supplement contains branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine that help in muscle protein synthesis. It is a vital process for the gaining of new muscle. Since every workout leads to the loss of some muscles, it becomes crucial to add whey protein to the routine to balance it out.

        Improve Digestion
        Unlike others, Fitspire Gold Isolate Whey Protein Powder contains digestive enzymes. These enzymes, also known as DigeZyme, help reduce the risk of indigestion. They help increase nutrient absorption in the body.
        How to use
        ● In a shaker, add one scoop (around 33g) of Fitspire Gold Advanced Isolate whey protein.
        ● Reconstitute with 300 ml of chilled water (approx.) or a drink of your choice.
        ● Give it a thorough stir.
        ● It can be mixed with 250-300ml milk if you want to add calories and improve the taste.
        FSSAI Approved
        I.S.O. Certified


        Reviews & Rating

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 116 reviews
        Aman Khan

        Gold Advanced Isolate Whey Protein (24 Gm Protein Per Serving) Coffee & Cookie-Cream

        Vishal Mittal

        Best taste

        Dr. Dipanshu Aggarwal

        Great taste and mix

        Bestwhey protien in the market in low budget

        Fitspire Gold Isolate Whey protein is one of the best whey protein out there. I ordered it 2 months back and I have seen amazing results and differences already. It was really hard for me to gain weight due to fast metabolism but adding this supplement to my diet and exercising a bit made the all difference.I gained 5.5 kgs in 2 months. The coffee flavour is also amazing. Will highly recommend.

        Arjit Kumar

        Quality is good, taste is awesome.
        Protein taste is best I have ever tasted.
        Peanut butter is must use.

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        Whey protein isolate is used to strengthen stamina, increase muscle gain, and promote muscle protein synthesis. It is also considered an effective source of high-quality protein for bodybuilding.

        To purchase Fitspire 100% Gold Advanced Isolate Whey Protein, visit our website

        Fitspire Whey Isolate Protein provides 24g of protein and 4.3g of BCAAs with 3.3g of L- glutamic acid per serving.

        Fitspire Whey Protein Powder Isolate delivers high-quality protein and is suitable for fitness enthusiasts, gym freaks, and bodybuilders.

        Fitspire Whey Protein Powder Isolate delivers high-quality protein and is suitable for fitness enthusiasts, gym freaks, and bodybuilders.