Being a woman is not a difficult task but taking care of yourself could be a difficult task. Your body needs vitamins and minerals for energy and overall healthEach vitamin and mineral have specific benefits and is essential for keeping the body functioning well.

Did you know that there are some vitamins and minerals that women need more of than men do?

Below are some essential components that women require anyhow in their hectic schedule-

Folic acid/folate (Vitamin B9)

Why it’s important
  • It helps in making blood cells and the DNA for new cells
  • It helps prevent certain birth defects called neural tube defects, which happen in the initial three months of pregnancy
  • It helps prevent low birth weight and premature births

Who might need it?

For all women who are planning to get pregnant or are pregnant need to get 400–800 mcg of folic acid each day from either nature made women multivitamin tablet (most prenatal vitamins have this amount) or from fortified foods like breakfast cereals such as oats or musili.

Nearly half, or 45%, of all pregnancies around the world are not planned, so it’s important to make sure of getting enough folic acid from women multivitamin tablet.

Where to find it in food

Oranges, Orange Juice, Spinach, other dark green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, chicken, lean beef, whole grains, and breakfast cereals with added folic acid

Vitamin B-12

Why it’s important

  • It helps the body to make red blood cells
  • It helps the neurons (cells in your brain and nervous system) work correctly

Who might need it?

Some women might not get enough of vitamin B-12. 

Before taking it, Talk to your doctor or healthcare professional about taking a B-12 supplement if you are:

  • Pregnant. Vitamin B-12 is very important for your baby’s development. Without it, the baby may have a low birth weight or other health related problems. 
  • Vegetarian.  It is sometimes difficult to get vitamin b12 from vegetarian diet because vitamin B-12 comes mostly from animal products women had to find out multivitamin capsules for women to fill the nutritional gap.

Also, talk to your doctor or healthcare professional if you are feeding your baby breastmilk, because your baby might need to take a supplement too.

  • Age 50 or older. As we age, our bodies cannot absorb vitamin B-12 so well, so its essential to get more vitamin B12 from best multivitamin for women or fortified foods, because it is easier to absorb.

Where to find it in food

Eggs, Meat especially liver, Low-fat or fat-free milk, poultry, blue cheese, nutritional yeast, and foods with vitamin B-12 added, including some cereals, fortified soy beverages

Vitamin D

Why it’s important
  • With calcium it helps to build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis
  • It helps in reducing inflammation in the cells
  • It helps in boosting immunity

Who might need it?

  • Women who do not get much sunlight in their daily schedule
  • Women who are postmenopausal or obese
  • Women who have inflammatory bowel disease or any other gut disease that makes it harder for the gut to absorb fat as vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it must be absorbed by the gut
  • Women who have had gastric bypass surgery that is a weight loss surgery

Talk to your doctor or healthcare professional if you think you are vitamin D deficient as most women do not need testing for vitamin D deficiency

Where to find it in food

Fish like tuna and salmon, fortified foods (low-fat or fat-free milk and some brands of orange juice, soy beverages, cereals, and yogurt)


Why it’s important

  • It helps in protecting and building strong bones while reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Did you know that your body stores calcium in your bones, so if you don’t get  enough calcium from food, it will take calcium from bones, making them weak  and easily broken?

  • It helps in transferring messages between brain and muscles

Who might need it?

  • Girls ages 9 to 18 need 1,300 milligrams (mg) of calcium per day. During this crucial time, bones absorb calcium and build strong bones for adulthood and older age.
  • Adult women need 1,000 mg of calcium each day.
  • After menopause, women need 1,200 mg of calcium each day to help slow the bone loss that comes with aging

Where to find it in food

Cheese, Low-fat or fat-free yogurt, milk, foods with calcium added, such as some soy beverages, 100% orange juice, tofu, breakfast cereals, canned salmon, and dark green leafy vegetables


Why it’s important
  • It builds healthy blood cells that carry oxygen in the body
  • It helps in making certain hormones and connective tissue in the body

Who might need it?

  • All women who have menstrual periods irrespective of the age because Iron is lost during monthly periods.
  • Women need more iron during pregnancy to supply enough blood for their growing babies.

Did you know that many women, especially pregnant women, do not get enough iron from food and this can put them at a risk of iron deficiency anemia. This condition causes heart to work harder to pump blood so that more oxygen can reach the body. Moreover, Anemia makes you feel tired, weak, and dizzy all over the day.

The amount of iron women need each day throughout the life is listed below:

  • Ages 19 to 50: 18 mg
  • During pregnancy: 27 mg
  • Ages 51 and older: 8 mg

Where to find it in food

Green leafy vegetable, Lean red meats and chicken, seafood, cereals/breads with iron added, oysters, beans, dark chocolate, liver, tofu, and tomatoes

Vitamins and minerals work together in the body. It’s usually best to get essential vitamins and minerals from many different types of food in all of the food groups. Fill your day with nuts, fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, and a variety of protein foods to build a healthy plate.


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