Mooo-vee over dairy: Is choosing Plant based milk a better option?

The popularity of plant-based milks are on the rise for many reasons, some people choose them as an alternative to dairy. If you’re one of them, then are you’re wondering about: What if people completely replace dairy with plant milk, Will they miss out some important nutrients in their diet?

So, the basic and easy answer is NO they wont…

Read the steps below and choose wisely

Firstly, let us know about plant based milk…


Plant based milk is a lactose free substitute to dairy. There are many reasons to switch to plant based alternative. The most specific reason is being lactose intolerant (unable to digest milk sugar).Other reasons are its low amounts of calories and fat content. Plant based milks are very suitable for people that choose be a vegan. Soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, and rice milk are some of its examples.

Here why you can switch to plant based milk:

  1.Adequate Calcium:

Calcium is important for healthy bones, teeth, for preventing osteoporosis, keeping blood pressure low, reducing tension, aiding in overall health of nervous system. Getting enough calcium on a plant based diet is actually a blessing. All those individuals that believe dairy milk is a better source of calcium… Think again!!!

Dairy is highly acidic in nature and known to leach calcium from your bones, which is definitely not optimal and it also develops osteoporosis anytime. You can even make your own plant-based milk at home easily, be sure to use high sources of plant-based calcium, such as almonds and chia seeds.

  2.Lower in Sugar

Dairy contains anywhere from 13-16 grams of sugar just in one cup. Milk’s sugar comes from a natural sugar known as lactose, which is not easily digestible from lactose intolerant people and further causes upset digestion, allergies, and even blood-sugar problems. Plant-based milks are much better choice as compared to dairy because non-dairy milk is usually free of any sort sugar, with some containing only natural sugars found in seeds and nuts that is easily digestible and will not trigger a rise in glucose levels. Some may even lower the blood sugar response in the body.

  3.Free from IGF-1(hormones)

Dairy milk contains natural hormones sometimes added hormones too. These hormones stimulate high increase of insulin once you consume it. This triggers the release of IGF-1 in the body, which stands for insulin growth factor. Some researches show that IGF-1 is directly linked to the growth of cancer cells, acne, and mood swings along with other health related issues. Not a good thing, right??? Free yourself easily from this naturally toxic substance found in all dairy and pick up a plant-based milk instead!!!

  4.Lower in Calories

Most Plant milks are extremely low in calories and very satisfying. While we believe in quality over calories. Dairy, processed foods and sugar are the exceptions, in our book. Sure, you can buy skim and fat-free milk easily, but plant-based milks are a better option as they don’t trigger high blood sugar nor they likely to cause weight gain. Even those higher in calories plant milk such as soy, hemp, coconut and rice milk are still much lower in calories than dairy milk per serving. If you are that much of calories conscious then go for unsweetened almond, flax, or cashew milk.

  5.Easy to Digest

Plant-based milks are very easy to digest. If you have a soy or nut allergy then rice milk is an allergy-friendly option you can consider. Flax and coconut milk are other well-tolerated choices by others as well. Most people with digestive issues notice improved digestion once they get rid of dairy in their diet. If you want to tune up your digestion, give up dairy and instead consider plant milk.


Always check the label before purchasing plant-based milk. Check to make sure they’re free from MSG, they’re unsweetened, and non- genetically modified.

If you don’t want to buy processed milk, then go for homemade ones instead. They’re incredibly easy to make and also come with additional benefits.

Give blessing to your body, and choose plant based milk instead of dairy. You won’t believe how easy, delicious and healthy these plant-based options can be!!! Just give it a try…