Happy Mother's Day to All the Amazing Moms Out There!

Mother's Day is a beloved tradition honored in countries around the world to celebrate the vital role mothers play in our lives. The roots of the modern Mother's Day observance can be traced back to the 19th century in the United States.


In 1858, Anna Jarvis held a memorial to honor her own mother and motherhood. She campaigned to make "Mother's Day" an official holiday honoring all mothers and promoting closer family ties. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially declared the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day in the U.S.


Working Women

For working moms, each day is a delicate balancing act juggling career, household duties, and parenting. Their mornings often start before dawn getting themselves and kids ready. At the office, they pour their energy into their profession while keeping an eye on things at home. After work, it's a blitz of chores, errands, and quality family time until they finally get a chance to collapse at night.


Non-working moms

Non-working women have their hands just as full, keeping the household running smoothly. They act as chauffeurs, chefs, tutors, cleaners, and more - a never-ending cycle of cooking, cleaning, and caregiving. What's more, studies show moms get considerably less leisure time than dads due to these unrelenting domestic duties.


How to care?

With such hectic schedules, moms can easily neglect their own self-care. But making mom's wellness a priority ensures she can keep being the rock of the family for years to come. Simple steps like:


  • Scheduling annual doctor check-ups and age-appropriate screenings
  • Finding small pockets for exercise like a daily walk
  • Meal-prepping healthy snacks and dishes
  • Carving out time for relaxation and stress relief
  • Building a supportive network of friends and family


Nutrition is Key to Aging Gracefully

Nutrition is especially crucial as moms get older and go through hormonal transitions. These nutritional needs can help optimize mom's health and prevent future diseases:


Calcium & Vitamin D: Maintain strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. Aim for 1200mg calcium and 600-800 IU vitamin D daily. 


Magnesium: Manages calcium absorption and drives over 300 body processes. Shoot for 320mg per day.


Vitamin B12: Levels decline with age. B12 is vital for energy and nerve function. Consider a supplement. 


Omega-3s: Reduce inflammation while protecting the heart and brain. Get omega-3s from fish, walnuts, or supplements.

Probiotics: Promote a healthy gut microbiome. Eat probiotic yogurt and fermented foods.


High-Quality Protein: Around 0.5g protein per pound of body weight daily combats muscle and bone loss. Great sources are lean meats, eggs, dairy, beans, and protein powders/bars.


Top Picks for Every Woman's Lifestyle

In our fast-paced world, getting sufficient nutrients through diet alone can be challenging. A daily multivitamin helps fill any nutritional gaps for optimal health. Here are some top recommendations:


Nourish Your Inner Self: Our Whey Protein delivers 35g of protein along with 7.76g BCAAs and 5.91g glutamine per serving - with zero added sugars. It's the perfect way to support your wellness goals. 


Quick Meal Replacements: Our nutrient-packed Protein Bars and Energy Bars offer a convenient option when you're short on time but need lasting energy.


Multivitamins for Women: Our tailored multivitamin provides essential vitamins and minerals while promoting strong bones, robust immunity, and complete well-being.


This Mother's Day, honour all the hard-working moms out there by encouraging them to invest in their self-care. Their relentless love and nurturing deserve to be celebrated every day.

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