HighProtein Healthy Fit Peanut Butter. No Added Whey | 20G Vegan Protein (Influencer)

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Product Manufacturing Year: 2022
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Fitspire Peanut Butter is a healthy and tasty high-protein peanut butter made with roasted peanuts. It is a vegan peanut spread that serves 20g of protein and is available in two flavors: Crunchy Chocolate and Choco-cookie Crunch. It is a preferable choice to top up snacks with something tasty and healthy.

Fitspire Healthy Fit Peanut Butter offers numerous benefits with nutrients like dietary fiber, protein, and vitamins. It is rich in antioxidants and premium non-GMO ingredients. It does not contain hydrogenated oils and other harmful ingredients.

Why Peanut Butter?

Peanut Butter has gained popularity in recent times. That’s because people have become aware of the disadvantages of normal butter. Moreover, peanut butter remains a healthy option to curb unhealthy snacking between meals. It usually fits well with most snacks you consume on a daily basis! Since peanut butter is made with peanuts, it is a great source of protein, omega-6, vitamin E, manganese, copper, and folate.

Choosing Fitspire High-protein Peanut Butter helps you avoid psychological hunger. Its two flavors work well with buns, cookies, and many more. Serving 20g of plant protein with vitamins and minerals, it contains choco chips too.


  • Maintains energy levels
    The nutritional value of peanuts is beneficial for maintaining energy and stamina throughout the day. They contain certain vitamins and minerals that help boost energy levels and feed the body with vital nutrients.
  • Helps to Improves heart health
    Being rich in good fats (MUFA and PUFA), peanut butter may help improve cardiovascular health. One of the main fats called oleic acid is helpful in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels.
  • Helps in weight management
    Most individuals eat unhealthy food items to satisfy cravings during work and free time. Thus, adding Fitspire Peanut Butter can help prevent excessive eating.
  • Curbs sudden hunger pangs
    The high dietary fiber content in peanut butter helps in curbing sudden hunger pangs during work. It also manages appetite by keeping you full and satisfied for a longer time.
      How to use
      ● You can use Fitspire High protein Peanut Butter in shakes, smoothies, and many more.
      ● You can also eat it without any other thing or you can eat it with toasted bread or you can make your own tasty recipe.
      ● Store it in a warm place so it remains buttery and don’t refrigerate it to prevent it from becoming hard.
      FSSAI Approved
      I.S.O. Certified


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      It will become hard but better you store in warm place so that it is buttery

      Crunchy is when Peanut make an audible sound when you chew them. Crispy is somewhat similar but it refers to a food having a hard texture at least on the outside. It's mostly fried foods like bacon, potato chips. Foods that are crispy can also be crunchy.


      It is a high-calorie item. Each spoon is about 100 calories, so it can be used for weight gain.

      Yes, peanuts contain 30% Protein.



      Best before 18th months from manufacture date


      It can be used for shakes or smoothies. You can also eat it without any other thing or you can eat with toasted bread my personal fav. You can also keep trying it with diff things who knows you may come up with a new tasty recipe.