Fitspire Fit Banana Chocolate Walnut Nutritional Energy Bar | High Fiber | No Sugar Added | No Trans Fat - Pack of 9 (35g x 9) Free 1 Quinoa Energy Bar

Rs. 891.00

So much to do in such little time? A slump in energy is a speed-breaker that you cannot afford. So say hello to this Fitspire Fit Bar that packs the energy to get you going! This scrumptious energy bar is a source of protein and provides the energy you need to fuel your busy lifestyle. Grab one now & win back your day with this nutritional delight!

Experience and Indulge in the goodness of the delicious, tasty, nutritious, and healthy energy bars from Fitspire. A chewy delight with the goodness of antioxidant-rich walnuts and sweetness of banana known as a powerhouse of nutrients along with the mineral-rich sunflower seeds. Thoughtfully crafted using the blend of quality ingredients without sacrificing taste in the quest for nutrition to help you keep energized and fit. Fitspire Fit Chocolate Banana Walnut Energy Bar is a perfect pocket snack for an active lifestyle.


Key Benefits:

High Dietary Fibers - that help regulate digestion and body weight. Fitspire Chocolate Banana Walnut Nutritional Energy Fit Bar is the ideal nourishment for any age.

Instant Energy Nutritional Bar – Our Fitspire Fit Energy Bar gets you out of dull moments with 160.5 Kcal energy in per serving

Enriched with Super Ingredients – Banana, Walnut, Cereal Oats, Honey, Wheat, Sunflower Seeds, Black Current, Blueberries, Peanuts, Dark Chocolate

Rich in Antioxidants – Fit Bar brings you the goodness of antioxidant properties for better health.

Zero Trans Fat - This healthy snack comes with zero trans fats that are known to increase cholesterol levels. It a healthy choice of snack to go on.

FSSAI Approved
I.S.O. Certified


Reviews & Rating

Customer Reviews

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Healthy fitspire energy bar

I have tried many energy bar. This is the first time trying out “all natural” type and it feels very good on stomach after consumption

Health & tasty at the same time

First I wanna tell that these pack of 9 fitbars is quite economical. Apart from that the ingredients that the product is offering are quite nutritious and delicious at the same time, I love the taste of mocha hazelnut bar. Consume them after any physical activity to replenish your glucose stores

Really Fulfilling

When I eat these pack of 9 energy bars my ky hunger is cured for a long time… I love all the 3 flavours. Everyone has a different taste and carry different nutrients.

Product worth it's value

These energy bars are worth trying. I've been trying them since last 2 months now..they're my go to snacking option as I've a sweet tooth and a health enthusiast

Sunny Tanwar
High in protein

The names of their flavours are quite attractive and appealing, the taste is delicious, chewy, u can feel the real material and fibre. the nutritional facts column makes me so happy to see for once I’m not eating trash and junk!

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