Whey Blend Protein Bar, 20g Protein Per Bar | No Added Preservative & Artificial Sweetener. (Blueberry & Choco Fudge)

Best High-Protein Bars for Pre and Post-Workout Snacking
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Product Manufacturing Year: 2023
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Fitspire High-protein bar is a healthy snack loaded with 20.2gm of protein per bar. It is a guilt-free protein-rich energy snack that offers several nutrients. It is a preferable choice for gym freaks, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals who are protein-deficient. Instead of eating unhealthy snacks between meals, one can choose something that’s even more delicious and credible with no adverse effects.

It is made using healthy ingredients like dry fruits, nuts, and delicious flavors. This whey blend protein bar contains almonds, oats, rosemary, and dark chocolate. One can use it as a pre and post-workout snack. In fact, Fitspire Protein Bar also contains prebiotic fibers to improve and enhance digestion.

It is available in two unique flavors: Blueberry and Choco-fudge.

  • Blueberry Protein Bar: This protein-packed snack is made with white chocolate, blackcurrant, blueberry, whey protein blend, rolled oats, and brown rice syrup.
  • Choco-fudge Protein Bar: It comprises a rich blend of protein in a unique choco-fudge flavor. Cocoa and dark chocolate are also present in this bar.


Why Protein Bar?

Protein is an essential nutrient for building strong muscles. It helps the body repair old cells and form new ones. It is important for overall development. More than 80% of Indians are protein deficient due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Vegetarians, mostly, don’t get enough protein from their regular diet. Thus, it becomes important to add some protein-rich snacks to avoid unhealthy snacking and increase protein intake.

Fitspire Protein Bar contains the following special nutrients to make your regular diet healthy and flavorful.

  • Whey Protein
    People who go through strenuous gym sessions require whey protein for muscle building. It is an essential source of protein that is derived from the cheesemaking process.
  • Whey Crispies
    These are just the same as whey protein but in solid crisp form. Whey crispies are made by microfiltration of isolate whey protein. They help in making the bar easy to consume.
  • Honey
    It is one of the known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory eatables. Honey is used to replace sugar and is used as a natural sweetener. It may also help improve digestive and immune health.
  • Almonds
    Dry fruits like almonds are a rich source of protein. They help in maintaining bone and muscle health. Almonds offer vitamin E and are good for your heart. They also support healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Oats
    Being rich in antioxidants, oats help prevent oxidative stress in the body. Experts consider oats best for digestive health. That’s because a diet rich in dietary fibers helps increase the absorption of nutrients.
  • Rosemary
    This ingredient is specifically added to high-protein bars for freshness.
  • Dark Chocolate
    It is a powerful source of antioxidants and is considered nutritious for numerous reasons. Dark chocolate also helps improve blood flow in the body and adds a great taste to the bar.
How to use
• Fitspire whey blend protein bars are an excellent product to replace your unhealthy eating habits.
• You can have it anywhere, anytime as a healthy snack, workout meal, or even breakfast.
FSSAI Approved
I.S.O. Certified

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Rajat Jain

Whey Blend Protein Bar, 20g Protein Per Bar | No Added Preservative & Artificial Sweetener. (Blueberry & Choco Fudge)


These protein bars were really great. It contains 20.5 gm of protein, has great ingredients like whey, oats, almonds etc and the blueberry flavour was also amazing. I have tried peanut butter from Fitspire and was highly inpressed. Was surely not disappointed by these protein bars. They were soo tasty and I feel it is a value for money deal.

Antony Thomas
Whey Blend Protein Bar, 20g Protein per bar | No Added Preservative & Artificial Sweetener. (Blue...


karan Chaudhary
Delicious Flavours Go for it

Fitspire Whey protein bar are delicious both flavour blueberry and chocolate are taste amazing, i have included this protein bars in my pre workout meal.

Amit kumar
Taste is Amazing Should go for Choco Fudge

I have ordered pack of 6 Fitspire whey protein bar and get delivery in just 2 days and also the taste is so amazing, chococ fudge is realy awsm.

A protein bar is loaded with essential nutrients and high-quality whey blend protein. Mostly, gym freaks are fond of protein bars. But, anybody who does regular physical activity can consume it. If you think you’re protein deficient, a protein bar can be a healthy snack for you.

Fitspire High-protein bar is a healthy snack loaded with 20.2gm of protein per bar.

Fitspire High-protein bar is available in two unique flavors: Blueberry & Choco-fudge.

No, this protein-rich bar is free of cholesterol and harmful ingredients.