Vegan Energy Bar Helps to Increases Metabolism and Easy to Digest
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Product Manufacturing Year: 2023
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Fitt Nutritional Energy Bar (Quinoa Almond Chocolate) is enriched with dietary fibers and super ingredients. It is a nutritional nourishment for all ages. With 150.37 Kcal energy, it is loaded with blueberries, peanuts, bananas, walnuts, dark chocolate, almond, and sunflower seeds. The Fitspire Energy bar doesn't have trans fat or added sugar and this transforms it into a pure, vegan, and healthful snack.

Why Fitt Nutritional Bar?

The Fitspire Nutritional Bar is an easy way to get the advantages of rolled oats, almonds, walnuts, and other dry fruits in your after-dinner munchies. It has a lot of safe, vegan, and healthy components.

  • Almonds 
    Almonds include a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. Almonds improve cardiovascular health and help build strong bones. They also include dietary fibers, which aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Walnuts 
    Antioxidant-rich walnuts promote a healthy gut. The plant food walnuts provide an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. They also provide an abundance of nutrients that aid in controlling weight.
  • Peanut
    Consuming peanuts lowers cholesterol and protects against heart disease. Consider including peanuts in your plant-based diet. They taste fantastic and provide superior protein.
  • Dark chocolate
    It is tasty and full of health benefits! Dark chocolate increases blood flow throughout the body and has strong antioxidants. The likelihood of having heart disease may be decreased.
  • Mixed Fruits (Blackcurrants and blueberries)
    Blackcurrants and blueberries both have antioxidant qualities that help keep your body's healthy cells alive. Additionally, they support stronger muscles, bones, and metabolism.
  • Rolled oats 
    Rolled oats are an excellent diet for improving digestive health since they are high in soluble fiber. Rolled oats also lessen the chance of constipation. They could include minerals like iron, magnesium, protein, good fats, and zinc.
  • Increases your energy so that you can complete a strenuous workout.
  • Replaces processed foods and unhealthy food.
  • Satisfies the healthy fat requirements for maintaining endurance.
  • Increases metabolism and facilitates easier food digestion in the body.
  • They are simple to transport and easy to consume.
  • How to use
    ● Fitspire Fit Bar is an energy bar packed with high fiber, zero trans fat, and no added sugar.
    ● It gives you an instant boost of energy and can be consumed anytime, anywhere.
    FSSAI Approved
    I.S.O. Certified

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    jeet puwar

    ots ki quantity kam karo

    Sunny Tanwar
    High Dietary Fibers

    Fitspire Mocha Hazelnut Chocolate Nutritional Energy Fit Bar is ideal nourishment for any age.


    Delicious bar

    Amazon Product

    Gifted this to my fitness freak friend , and he loved the gifts ! Must recommend to all fitness freak

    Best Energy Bar

    Energy Bar is amazing great taste.

    An energy bar is an instant solution to hunger and psychological craving. You can consume it at any time and feel the power of the rolled oats, nuts, and dark chocolate. It is not made for only gym enthusiasts. A Fit Nutritional Bar can be eaten by non-gym goers to replace unhealthy chocolates or snacks.

    Fitspire Vegan Nutritional Bar offers numerous nutrients with no cholesterol or any harmful ingredients.

    Fitspire Vegan Energy Bars are made with safe ingredients that can feed your hunger and provide sustainable energy. They can be a delicious replacement to unhealthy snacks you may consume. However, you must not replace your meals with energy bars because they may not provide complete and balanced nutrition. You can take it as a snack & enjoy the flavors along with enriched nutrients.

    Every Vegan Fit Bar offers 160.5 Kcal energy along with 2.84g dietary fibers and 4.48g plant-based protein.